Aarti Kalro: Embracing Creativity and Healing for a Joyful Life

In a world filled with twists and turns, Aarti Kalro, the founder of aruralife, embarked on a remarkable journey that led her from a career as a fashion designer to the field of healing 15 years later. Her journey has been an adventure with more twists and turns than a good mystery. By embracing the unknown, she discovered that many doors opened for her. Aarti’s creative spirit thrived in the fashion world, where she had the privilege of working in New York and pursuing further studies in London. These were incredible experiences and dreams come true, providing immense creative satisfaction. However, amidst her success, she felt that something was missing. A deep desire to help others in a more direct and meaningful way was calling to her, leading her to transition into the realm of healing and wellness.

It was in 2014, during a personal crisis, that Aarti’s intuition led her towards working with crystals as a means of self-healing. Inspired by a vision to share the wonders of these earthy treasures, Aarti honed her innate gift of intuitively matching people with the stones that best suited their needs. With a desire to bring hope to others, Aarti expanded her healing journey to include meditation, providing a valuable tool for finding inner peace and tranquility.

As Aarti explored the depths of energy healing, she discovered an extraordinary talent for working with the Akashic records. Through these records, Aarti empowered individuals to uncover their unique gifts, talents, and circumstances, providing them with clarity and guidance. The pandemic served as a catalyst for Aarti’s dedication to reaching out and offering solace to those in need.


Now, after a decade of embracing her crystal venture, Aarti is once again shifting her focus. This time, she immerses herself in the transformative power of art, inviting people to discover their creative side. With the belief that creativity is a potent tool for spreading joy and uplifting spirits, Aarti has recently started a range of textile journals made from fabric excess or waste, encouraging sustainability and artistic self-expression.

At aruralife, Aarti’s services are diversified to cater to the unique needs of individuals. From Akashic Readings that unveil hidden abilities and provide a deeper understanding of life circumstances to crystal support that aids in healing and growth, Aarti ensures that every person receives the assistance they require. Additionally, she conducts art-related creative workshops for adults and children, fostering a sense of joy and fulfillment through the act of creating.

Beyond her services, Aarti holds a profound belief in the transformative power of self-kindness and compassion. She understands that true change and impact begin within. By nurturing herself with kindness, she extends the same benevolence to others, creating a ripple effect of positivity and empowerment. Aarti’s ultimate goal is to instill joy and hope in the lives of those who need it most, empowering them to craft a life filled with happiness.

As Aarti shares her journey, she leaves us with a profound insight – making a difference does not require grand gestures or specific work domains. It resides within the choices we make and the energy we bring to the world. Aarti’s late father bestowed upon her a valuable lesson – every person, regardless of their occupation, serves a purpose and holds importance. Life grants us opportunities to transcend our limitations, blurring the lines between good and bad, as we embrace each experience with openness and growth.

Through her inspiring story of transformation and resilience, Aarti Kalro invites us to explore our own creative potential, embrace healing, and cultivate a life of joy and fulfillment.

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