Confidence Gap: A Path to True Self-Assurance

The Confidence Gap

Unlocking the Power of Confidence Through Mindfulness and Self-Acceptance

In a world where confidence is often seen as a prerequisite for success, author Russ Harris challenges the conventional wisdom in his book, “The Confidence Gap.” Delving deep into the space between action and feelings of confidence, Harris offers a fresh perspective on overcoming self-doubt and embracing true self-assurance.

Harris argues that the notion of feeling confident before taking action is a trap that many of us fall into.

Instead, he urges readers to accept the reality that uncertainty is an inevitable part of life’s challenges. Through the practice of mindfulness, individuals can learn to navigate uncomfortable thoughts and sensations, allowing them to take action and build genuine confidence.


The book provides a wealth of strategies for “defusing” from negative thoughts and emotions. One particularly intriguing technique involves singing or typing out self-doubt phrases to the tune of “Happy Birthday” or using a funny font. These seemingly lighthearted practices introduce an element of playfulness, diminishing the power of negative self-talk and creating space for growth.

Importance of Self-acceptance

Harris emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance throughout the journey of building confidence. By acknowledging and embracing our fears, we can move forward despite any discomfort, ultimately discovering that fear does not have to hold us back. It is through this process that true confidence is cultivated, transforming our relationship with self-doubt and enabling us to lead more fulfilling lives.

True meaning of confidence

“The Confidence Gap” offers valuable insights and practical strategies for anyone seeking to understand the true meaning of confidence. Whether you’re looking to enhance your own self-assurance or gain a deeper understanding of this complex topic, Harris’ analysis and guidance are invaluable resources.

In a society that often values confidence above all else, “The Confidence Gap” challenges our preconceived notions and sheds light on a more nuanced understanding of self-assurance. By embracing the space between action and feelings of confidence, we can embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and find the true meaning of confidence.

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