Ek Taara Toys: Celebrating India’s Culture, Creativity, and Sustainability

Ek Taara Toys, an all-women organization in India, is on a mission to offer sustainable and eco-friendly toys hand-crafted by local artists. The brand’s founder, Priyanka Chugh, has been driven by her love for toys and creativity since her childhood. Her journey has led her to establish a brand that embodies sustainability, ethical practices, and the empowerment of women artisans.

The Inspired Journey of a Visionary

Priyanka’s journey began with a childhood fascination with toys and textiles, which eventually ignited her passion for innovation and creativity. Her pursuit of a degree in National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and a double Masters in brand management from Polimoda, Italy, provided her with the knowledge and skills necessary to realize her vision of creating a brand that celebrates India’s rich cultural heritage and the talent of local artists.

Sustainability at the Core of Ek Taara Toys

Ek Taara Toys is deeply committed to sustainability in every aspect of its operations. The brand’s toys are made using 100% high-quality cotton yarn, a sustainable material choice aimed at minimizing environmental impact. Priyanka’s passion for innovative and eco-friendly textile products has facilitated the implementation of a zero-waste manufacturing process, ensuring that the brand’s production practices align with its mission of promoting a healthier planet for future generations.

Empowering Artisans, Embracing Ethics

At Ek Taara Toys, ethics and fair practices are fundamental values. The brand promotes the “Vocal for Local” initiative, supporting the local community and empowering women artisans, whom they refer to as “Our Artists.” These artisans, a dedicated group of local women, play a crucial role in hand-crafting each toy, contributing to the unique and special nature of every product. Through this, Ek Taara Toys creates a safe and supportive working environment for its artisans, ensuring financial independence and high-quality products for customers.

Craftsmanship and Dedication

Each toy at Ek Taara Toys is meticulously hand-crafted using the intricate crochet technique, representing hours of effort, passion, and dedication. The unique and colorful toys are a testament to the skill and creativity of the all-women team of artisans. Every toy is a work of art that reflects the cultural essence and artistry of India.

A Sustainable Vision for the Future

Ek Taara Toys aims to be a leading sustainable toy brand in India and beyond, staying true to its values of promoting fair trade practices, empowering women, and creating environmentally responsible products. Despite global disruptions, the brand remains dedicated to its mission of growth and sustainability, driven by Priyanka’s unwavering commitment and hard work.

Embrace the Sustainable Journey with Ek Taara Toys

By choosing Ek Taara Toys, customers invest in not just a toy, but also in a brand that upholds the principles of sustainability, ethical practices, and the empowerment of women. Join Ek Taara Toys on its sustainable journey, celebrating creativity, craftsmanship, and community, and be a part of creating a brighter, more sustainable future, one handcrafted toy at a time.

Follow Ek Taara Toys on their sustainable mission and celebrate the art, culture, and essence of India through their beautifully crafted, eco-friendly toys.

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