Elix Fragrance: Blend Your Way to Mindful Well-being

In a world where well-being experiences are on the rise, Nicole Brannan, the founder of the wellness perfume blending brand, Elix, offers a unique opportunity for individuals to embark on a sensory journey of self-discovery. With her background in co-creative innovation and insight research workshops, Nicole brings a mindful and creative approach to the art of perfumery, allowing individuals to craft their own fragrance that truly resonates with their personal preferences.

Driven by her belief in the transformative power of scent and the restorative properties of natural ingredients, Nicole’s journey with Elix began as a personal outlet during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. “If we can find joy in creative cooking or painting without formal training, why not create our own perfume?” she asks. Nicole recognizes the immense power our sense of smell holds in evoking memories and emotions, be it from natural aromatherapy oils or even synthetic fragrances that remind us of happy moments.

Elix offers an olfactory experience like no other, combining natural-based perfume building blocks and personal alchemy to create feel-good fragrances that are uniquely personalized. Nicole’s carefully curated range of perfume building blocks contains between 55% to 70% naturally derived ingredients, emphasizing the evolving subtlety and harmony they bring to our senses. Furthermore, Elix strives to be an authentic brand focused on doing “the right thing,” with sustainability at its core. Nicole pays close attention to environmental impact, ensuring that all packaging is refillable, replenishable, and recyclable. While she aspires to use organic ingredients in the future, she remains mindful of “greenwashing” and prefers to understate her sustainability claims.

Beyond the personal well-being aspect, Nicole acknowledges the importance of connectivity in fostering a sense of overall wellness. Her home blending kits and live workshops are designed to be shared experiences, providing an opportunity for people to connect and spend quality time with one another. Drawing from her background in consumer insight research, Nicole understands the innate need for human connection and has witnessed the profound impact Elix has had on relationships. From couples celebrating anniversaries with a romantic perfume-making session to friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters coming together to create their own scents, Elix has become a catalyst for cherished memories.

Nicole’s passion for reinventing herself and the joy she finds in helping others unlock their creativity make Elix Fragrance the embodiment of mindful well-being. By embracing the power of scent and tapping into our innate desire for connectivity, Elix invites everyone to indulge in the transformative experience of perfume blending.

References and Source Credits: Elix Fragrance

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