Finding Inner Peace and Wellness Through Yoga and Mindfulness With Divya

A Journey to a Stronger Body, Calmer Mind, and Inner Contentment

As we all navigate through life, the journey can become overwhelming and stressful. Finding peace and wellness in our daily lives can seem like a never-ending pursuit. Fortunately, Divya Kohli, an advanced accredited yoga teacher with over 24 years of experience, offers a holistic approach to healing and wellness through yoga and mindfulness.

Divya has been teaching yoga since 2006, offering group weekly classes, private tuition, workplace wellbeing, workshops, and retreats. Her expertise in yoga includes Restorative, Yin, Hatha, and Pranayama, with a focus on helping her students to develop a stronger body, calmer mind, and inner contentment. Divya’s teaching and writing draw inspiration from Eastern sources, as well as modern psychological thought, philosophy, science, and secular mindfulness.

In addition to her yoga classes, Divya offers solutions to help individuals and businesses thrive in today’s world of stress and uncertainty. Through her courses and workshops, Divya teaches mindfulness for everyday life, workplace wellbeing, leaders and CEOs, meditation for good mental health, and spiritual connection. Her one-to-one coaching sessions help individuals to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, reduce stress, and improve overall wellbeing.

Divya’s passion for writing and communicating is evident in her debut book, Finding Peace in Difficult Times, published in 2020 by Watkins. The book is a practical, warm guide to finding peace in everyday life, making accessible the ancient tools and wisdom for today’s modern lifestyle.

Yoga with Divya

With a master’s degree in English Literature from Cambridge University, Divya uses words like we use the breath in yoga – as a way to connect deeply. She teaches yoga with the bigger picture in mind, helping individuals experience an optimal state of being that allows them to navigate the ebbs and flows of life, connect with others in a natural and fulfilling way and carry within themselves a peace that feels like home.

To summarize, Divya Kohli offers a holistic approach to healing and wellness through yoga and mindfulness. Her expertise in yoga and meditation, coupled with her ability to create workshops and programs tailored to individuals and business

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