Navigating Depression: A Holistic Approach by Shazana Anjum

Depression, a complex and often debilitating condition, alters our perception of reality, making it challenging to navigate daily life. Shazana Anjum, a renowned psychotherapist and holistic healer, offers a comprehensive guide to holistic healing for those grappling with depression. Her approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of mental health and self-awareness, focusing on thought patterns that can significantly impact one’s sense of self.

Understanding Depression and the Sense of Self

Depression is not just a state of low mood; it involves hyperactivity in certain brain areas related to self-awareness, reflection, and self-esteem. This hyperactivity often leads to negative thought patterns that attack one’s identity, making the sense of self and depression intimately connected.

The Antidote to Depression: Shazana Anjum’s Holistic Approach

Shazana Anjum outlines several practical strategies to combat depression by harnessing the power of holistic healing:

Recognize the Power of Self-Talk

The way you talk to yourself is crucial for recovery. Be mindful of your self-talk, ensuring it is kind and compassionate. Positive self-talk can rewire your brain to foster a healthier self-image.

Talk Back to Your Inner Critic

When your inner critic tells you that you are unworthy of love, challenge it. Ask for evidence to support such claims. More often than not, these negative thoughts are based on unfounded assumptions.

Seek Connection

Depression often isolates individuals within their own minds. Break this cycle by seeking new experiences and sensations that stimulate curiosity and excitement. Engaging with the world around you can offer fresh perspectives and renew your sense of wonder.

Write Your Negative Predictions

Write down your worst-case scenarios and then consider two alternative outcomes: the best possible scenario and a middle-ground scenario. This practice helps shift your mind away from extreme thinking and fosters a more balanced outlook.

Stop Blaming the Past or Others

Ruminating on past mistakes or blaming others for your current state only perpetuates the cycle of depression. Accept that depression does not have the ability to accurately predict what could have happened if you had made different choices.

Set Realistic Goals

Start small and take incremental steps toward your goals. Avoid setting rigid time limits or pressuring yourself. Find what works best for you, understanding that your path does not have to align with others’ expectations.

Be Who You Are

Embrace your individuality and trust your intuition. You don’t need to emulate others to be great. Celebrate every part of yourself and recognize that your unique qualities are your strengths.


Starting Your Healing Journey

Shazana Anjum’s holistic approach to depression emphasizes self-awareness, self-compassion, and connection. By incorporating these strategies into your daily life, you can begin to heal and reclaim your sense of self. If you need personalized guidance, Shazana offers 1:1 sessions to support your journey toward holistic healing.

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