Strengthen Your Arms and Hands with These Forearm Exercises


Tips for a Strong and Healthy Upper Body

The arms and hands are some of the most used parts of the body, but they often don’t get the attention they deserve. Fortunately, there are specific exercises that can help improve the strength and overall health of these important body parts.

If you want to improve your overall fitness, it’s important not to overlook the strength of your forearms. Strong forearms are essential for gripping objects, lifting weights, and many other everyday activities

To strengthen palms and wrists, start with dumbbell exercises such as Palms-up and Palms-down wrist curls as they isolate and work on flexors and extensors. For best results, do two to three sets of 8 to 15 repetitions per exercise 2 to 3 times per week.

Palms-Up Wrist Curl

Increase wrist strength and flexibility with this simple yet effective exercise. Using dumbbells, raise your hands as high as possible while keeping your arms steady. Feel the burn as your forearms engage in a powerful workout.

Palms-Down Wrist Curl

Strengthen your forearms further with this variation of the wrist curl. Resting your wrists on a flat surface, hold dumbbells, and raise your hands, maintaining proper form throughout the movement. Be amazed as you witness the transformative power of your forearms.

Grip Crush

Strengthen your grip and enhance forearm strength with the grip crush exercise. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and squeeze tightly, bringing the weight as close to your fingertips as possible. This exercise is perfect for those looking to maximize their forearm potential.

Behind-the-Back Cable Curl

Utilize a low pulley machine to engage your forearms from different angles. With proper form and a controlled motion, lift the handle toward your shoulder, experiencing the satisfying burn that comes with a challenging workout.

Towel Cable Row

Add resistance to your forearm routine with this dynamic exercise. Attach a towel to a cable pulley, hold each end, and perform a rowing motion, drawing your shoulder blades together. Feel the transformation as your forearms become stronger and more defined.


A classic exercise for overall upper body strength, pullups also target the forearms. Use a bar with palms facing away or toward you, engaging your forearms and intensifying the workout. Engage your core and witness the incredible changes in your physique.

Dead Hangs

Develop your grip strength with this fundamental exercise. Hanging from a bar with slightly bent elbows, engage your forearms and hold your position for as long as possible. Your grip will become stronger, allowing you to tackle new challenges.

Forearm Pull

Utilize a weight bar and a pulley machine to target your forearms. Start at shoulder level, palms facing down, and draw your upper arms in toward your torso. Push the weight down, feel the burn, and witness the incredible strength of your forearms.

Farmer’s Walk

Enhance your forearm strength and overall agility with this functional exercise. Using heavy weights or bags, walk with an overhand grip, keeping your arms alongside your body. Maintain good posture and observe the transformative effects of this exercise.

Forearm Squeeze

Strengthen your grip and forearms with a simple yet efficient exercise. Utilize forearm grips or objects like a tennis ball or sock to flex and extend your fingers. This exercise can be done anytime, anywhere, making it perfect for incorporating into your daily routine.

Fingertip Pushups

Challenge yourself with fingertip pushups, which specifically target the muscles in your forearms. Place your fingertips on a stable surface and perform pushups, feeling the intense burn as your forearms engage to support your body weight.

Crab Walk

Improve wrist mobility and forearm strength with the crab walk exercise. Assume a reverse tabletop position, walk forward on your hands and feet, and feel your forearms ignite with power. This fun and dynamic exercise will enhance both strength and coordination.

Plank with Shoulder Taps

Engage your forearms and core with this challenging exercise. Get into the plank position, steady your core, and touch your opposite shoulder with each hand. Feel the strength and stability that comes with a powerful and well-worked forearm.

Similarly, fingertip pushups can also help work on the forearm muscles. By placing the fingers on a stable surface and lowering oneself to the surface, one can work on their chest, shoulders, and triceps and improve their grip strength.

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