Tapping Your Way To Stress Relief and Emotional Wellness


Unlocking the Power of Energy Healing to Overcome Trauma

In a world filled with constant stress and emotional turmoil, taking control of our emotional well-being becomes crucial. One remarkable way to achieve this is through the practice of energy healing. By harnessing the power within ourselves and eliminating emotional toxins, we create a path towards healing and unlock the potential to regain control over our lives.

Energy Healing operates on a cellular level, purging our bodies of emotional debris and promoting the free flow of energy. This unhindered energy flow creates an optimal environment for our bodies to heal naturally, empowering us to conquer stress.

Underneath the surface, our natural energy system works as a conduit, absorbing the energy we encounter in our everyday experiences. These experiences shape our energy, be it positive, negative, or even traumatic. In fact, some of these traumatic energies can date back to our early years and beyond. To truly flourish in the world, we must understand how to cleanse our energy system of this negativity and embrace a life full of vitality and vibrancy.

Just as we embark on physical detoxifications, we must also embark on regular emotional detoxes. These crucial cleansings eliminate the buildup of negative energy in our energy system. Failure to address this accumulation of energetic toxins puts us at risk of experiencing chronic ailments and exhaustive conditions over time.

One profound branch of Energy Healing is the technique known as ‘Tapping.’ Also referred to as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Energy Psychology, Tapping was founded by Gary Craig in the 1990s. Drawing inspiration from the ancient practice of acupuncture, Tapping offers a modern twist on healing, still being tested and explored.

While an acupuncturist inserts needles into acupressure points, Tapping focuses on tapping these points along the body’s energy pathways or meridians. By tapping these points, the energy begins to circulate and create the ideal environment for self-healing. The power of Tapping lies in its simplicity, effectively guiding individuals from anxiety, frustration, and stress to a place of tranquility and well-being.

The Three-Step Process to Tapping:

Identifying the Feeling:

Begin by pinpointing the issue that causes mild distress in your life, whether it originates from the past or affects you physically. Recognize how this feeling manifests in your body, such as a tightening of the throat or an uneasy sensation in your chest. Assign an intensity score to this feeling on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the highest level of intensity. The tapping points begin at the side of the hand, progress to the top of the head, move down the face, and end under the armpit.

Using Language:

Tapping involves acknowledging and embracing our true emotions through language. Create a simple ‘set up’ statement that acknowledges the feeling while affirming your okayness. For example, “Even though I’m feeling down, I’m okay.” This intentional statement prevents the subconscious from resisting change, which we refer to as psychological reversal. As you tap along the various points of the upper body, incorporate a few words from your set up statement into what we call the ‘Reminder Statement.’ This statement reminds your subconscious mind of what needs attention, such as anxiety, stress, or anger.

Checking In:

After several rounds of tapping, take a moment to observe any changes within your body, as well as any shifts in your intensity score or overall feelings towards the issue. You may notice significant drops in your intensity score as you progress. The goal is to reduce it as close to zero as possible, and you can continue tapping until that breakthrough occurs. By working through this simple yet powerful process, you unlock a lifelong tool to address any distressing issue that may arise.

To witness the visual demonstration of Tapping: Chrysalis Effect Tapping Video

Energy Healing and Tapping offer a pathway to emotional liberation and wellness. By incorporating these practices into our lives, we can navigate the tumultuous waves of stress and find solace in calmness and peace. Embrace the power of Energy Healing and discover the transformative journey toward healing and emotional well-being.

References: Carmen Gilfillan

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