The Curse of Kohinoor: Can a Diamond Bring Bad Luck?

Replica of the Koh-i-Noor diamond at Prince of Wales Museum

The Intriguing History and Mystical Beliefs behind the World’s Most Famous Diamond

The Kohinoor diamond is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, and its history is as rich and fascinating as the stone itself. It has been passed on from one ruler to another, from South India to the Mughals to Punjab and finally to the British Royals. However, despite its brilliance and prestige, the diamond is also said to be cursed and brings bad luck to its male owners, but is it ?

As per the Odisha State Archives, the Kohinoor was discovered in the Kollur Mines in Golconda region (now Telangana in India) during the Kakatiya Dynasty’s rule. The Kohinoor passed on from one dynasty to another, and every prince or king who possessed the diamond ultimately met with destruction. The Kohinoor proved to be their curse, leading to the downfall of their power and even their life.

According to the legend, the curse of the Kohinoor started when it was taken from its original setting with no regard for the spiritual consequences. From that time, history always found a way to doom the diamond’s owners with internal power struggles or external attack.

In a way to avert the curse of Kohinoor, it is noted that so far, it has only been worn by women in the British Royal family. When the Kohinoor was first taken to England in 1850, it was gifted to Queen Victoria, who rarely wore it as a brooch. It was then set in Queen Alexandra’s crown for the first time, followed by the Queen Mother’s crown for her coronation in 1937. While the late Queen Elizabeth II was seen wearing the Kohinoor at her coronation in 1953, the now Queen-consort Camilla refrained from wearing it during her and King Charles III’s coronation ceremony to prevent any controversy.

Despite the curse and the controversy surrounding the diamond’s ownership, Kohinoor remains one of the most famous diamonds in the world even today. However, the legends and folk tales regarding it are still believed to be true by many.

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Image credit: Replica of the Koh-i-Noor diamond at Prince of Wales Museum : Wikipedia

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