The Human Weave: Understanding the Impact of Thoughts and Emotions

With Inputs from Trisha Kaushik

When everything goes well in life, we never bother to see why our life is going well. It’s quite natural because it’s going fine. But when there is pain and suffering in life, the question arises in our mind: why is this happening to us? Pain and suffering manifest based on various factors, including the thoughts and emotions that have seeped into our subconscious mind at some point in time. The intensity of pain and suffering also depends on the strength and depth of these thoughts and emotions.

In life, any incident or situation, be it good or bad, doesn’t happen by fluke or coincidence. There is a reason behind it, and it all starts with a thought. The thought that comes to our mind has no positive or negative charge. The emotional charge is produced based on how we perceive it.

If there is a situation and we perceive it in the right way, we gain learning and wisdom in life. If we don’t perceive it in the right way, it produces a negative emotional charge. For example, imagine you receive critical feedback at work. If you perceive this feedback as a personal attack, it may lead to feelings of inadequacy and sadness. These negative emotions can lower your energy levels, making you feel physically tired and unmotivated.

When we experience these negative emotions, such as sadness, it impacts our energy levels. We start feeling tired physically because our energy goes low. The negative emotional charge impacts our energies, and when our energies are affected, it impacts our physical body.

The timing and severity of the impact on our physical body depend on the intensity of the emotional charge and the disturbance in the energy system. This disturbance in the energy system can eventually manifest as a disease.

In the next article, we will delve deeper into these subtle bodies: thought, emotion, energy, and physical body. Understanding these elements will provide further insight into the intricate human weave that influences our overall well-being.

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Trisha Kaushik, a graduate from NIT Bhopal, has navigated through significant physical and emotional challenges, leading her to delve deep into the world of alternative healing. Through this journey, she uncovered the transformative power of the subconscious mind. Today, as a practitioner and founder of ‘ANAHATA – Look Deeper,’ Trisha empowers others through clinical hypnotherapy and various transformative modalities to achieve holistic well-being. For more information, reach out to Trisha on Instagram at @anahatatherapy.trisha and visit her website below:

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