The Incredible Journey of Achieving Goals: Snehal Lodha’s Manifestation Story

Snehal Lodha’s life story is a powerful testament to the triumph of resilience and transformation. Growing up in Manmad, a small town with limited educational opportunities, Snehal faced numerous challenges in her early years. Tasks that seemed simple to others, like getting ready for school or finding her timetable, were daunting for her. Without someone to nudge her along, even basic activities like bathing were a struggle. Her parents, though loving, did not see much potential in her, and Snehal herself felt lost and without clear goals.

The Turning Point

A significant change came when Snehal’s parents encouraged her to pursue higher education in Pune, despite her fears of hostel life. With limited options available, she reluctantly chose the science stream, which was the preferred option in Manmad. Initially, Snehal did not take her studies seriously. However, her engineer brother challenged her to understand Newton’s Third Law—a concept she initially couldn’t grasp. Determined to prove herself, Snehal dedicated herself to studying intensively for 15 days. Her hard work paid off when she aced her exams with an impressive 87%.

This success was a revelation, opening Snehal’s eyes to new possibilities. Despite being a science student, she decided to take on the challenge of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Remarkably, she passed the rigorous exams on her first attempt, becoming the first lady Chartered Accountant in Manmad.

Manifesting Success

Snehal’s journey did not stop there. Through the power of manifestation and vision boards, she attracted incredible blessings into her life. She manifested a marriage into wealth, overcame her fear of injections by allowing her gynecologist to give her stitches without anesthesia, and pushed herself to complete a fire walk and break an arrow with her neck. She also manifested a baby boy on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi and now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle complete with a BMW and a breathtaking 25th-floor apartment.

Despite starting out as a slowpoke and not fitting into society’s conventional standards of beauty, Snehal defied expectations at every turn. Today, she is on a mission to share her secrets of success with others through her vision board courses. These courses are designed to unlock hidden potential, attract deep desires, and transform lives.

Empowering Others: Courses and Programs

Snehal offers a variety of programs to help individuals achieve their goals and transform their lives. Her One-Year Handholding Program provides sustained guidance for comprehensive development, while her Group Coaching sessions cultivate collective motivation and shared learning experiences, fostering a supportive community. For individuals seeking personalized guidance, Snehal offers 1-on-1 Goal Setting Calls to help define and achieve personal aspirations.

Her courses cover a range of topics designed to empower participants. In her Law of Attraction and Ho’oponopono sessions, Snehal delves into manifestation techniques and forgiveness practices, empowering participants to transform their mindsets and lives. The Idea to Impact Course equips learners with strategic planning skills to turn ideas into tangible achievements. Vision Board Workshops harness visualization techniques for manifesting dreams into reality. She also champions emotional well-being through Self-Love and Forgiveness Challenges and educates organizations on growth mindsets and personal development through her Corporate Awareness Programs.

Snehal Lodha’s story is a beacon of hope and motivation, reminding us that with unwavering belief in oneself and a commitment to growth, anything is possible. Join Snehal on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, where dreams are realized, potential is unlocked, and lives are forever changed. Are you ready to transform your reality?

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