Unveiling the Stars: A Magical Journey through Astrology

In the bustling city of Mumbai, amidst the chaos of everyday life, lies a world of celestial wonder and mystique brought to life by the enigmatic Guruji, Dr. Prakash Raskar. This is the story of a journey that transcends time and space, unlocking the secrets of the universe through the alignment of stars and planets.

In the year 1988, destiny weaved its intricate web around an individual, desperate for answers and seeking solace in the arms of the cosmos. A chance encounter with the renowned K P System Astrologer, Mr. Hasbe, set the wheels of fate in motion. In mere minutes, he unveiled the roadmap to an engagement and marriage date, both destined to grace the calendar on the same auspicious day.

Thus began a journey of intrigue and enlightenment, as skepticism gave way to curiosity and conversations with Mr. Hasbe delved deep into the cosmic forces that shape human existence. His unwavering knowledge and uncanny accuracy left an indelible mark, paving the way for a transformative path ahead.

Juggling between the realms of a diligent corporate consultant by day and an avid astrology enthusiast by night, Dr. Prakash Raskar embarked on a quest for wisdom and insight. From humble beginnings of offering readings to friends and family, to becoming a sought-after consultant for strangers seeking cosmic guidance, the journey unfolded like a cosmic dance.

Enrolling in formal astrology courses, seeking practical training from revered Gurus, and culminating in the attainment of a PhD in Astrology, the pursuit of knowledge became a lifelong endeavor. Today, rooted in Mumbai yet hailing from Nashik, Dr. Prakash Raskar, commonly referred to as Guruji, stands as a beacon of astrological wisdom, guiding souls through the labyrinth of celestial alignments and their profound impact on human life.

Guruji began to develop curiosity and passion in occult knowledge as early as 1995. With deep, dedicated, and determined interest, he earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce and his master’s degree with honors from a reputable Indian university. He has earned a Doctorate in Astrology from a prestigious Indian institution and has completed numerous additional astrology courses.


Guruji is endowed with a wealth of knowledge, intuition, and spiritual qualities that he uses to assist people in living their lives to the fullest potential. He has now finished 15 years of concentrated and dedicated studies in the area of occult science. Guruji has a thorough understanding of this subject and employs a number of astrological methods and techniques to offer his clients precise predictions and cures.

Specializing in a myriad of services ranging from Birth Chart Reading to Match Making, Love affairs to Family Disputes, Guruji’s expertise extends beyond Vedic Astrology to encompass Vastu and ancient astrological practices. Each consultation is a cosmic odyssey, unraveling the threads of fate and offering remedies to life’s myriad challenges.

The remedies offered by Guruji are easy to use, useful, and highly efficient. His astrological consultations are always accompanied by other corrective procedures, and he always utilizes a holistic approach for any Pooja and Vedic mantras. Guruji’s straightforward yet wise counsel has profoundly influenced many lives, and his contributions to society are widely valued.


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Guruji has received various awards, medals, and keepsakes in recognition of his teaching and preaching in the area of Astrology throughout India.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment with Guruji, Dr. Prakash Raskar. Let the stars align to illuminate your path to a harmonious existence, guided by the celestial forces that shape our destinies. For consultations and more information, visit or call 9324519297.

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