Unveiling the Transformative Power of Mindfulness with Healing Together

In a world marked by constant deadlines, presentations, and project deliveries, the impact on mental and physical health for corporate employees is undeniable. Shivani, the founder of Healing Together and a certified Mindfulness and Meditation practitioner, recognized this need for non-clinical, preventive stress reduction measures, drawing from her 12-year career in the corporate sector. She realized that corporate employees were stressed and in dire need of strategies to maintain good mental and physical health.

Through her own experiences, Shivani discovered the remarkable potential of the mind in shaping one’s life and overall well-being. She set out to deepen her practice of mindfulness to explore the mind-body connection, uncovering self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors that transformed her life.

With the aim of sharing these insights with the world, Shivani has developed a range of workshops and modules over the past three years. These sessions help people build beautiful relationships with themselves and others, resolve emotional turmoil, discover their authentic selves, and ultimately find peace and happiness.

Shivani has empowered countless individuals through more than 200 workshops conducted in both B2C and B2B spaces. These workshops cover over 75 themes and offer practical tools and techniques that participants can immediately apply in their lives. Her workshops are highly engaging, interactive, and full of useful tools and techniques.

For corporate clients, Healing Together offers 30-minute wellness breaks, which include desk yoga, morning mindful circles, and breathwork and meditation. Additionally, the mental health workshops cover a variety of topics such as managing biases, men’s mental health (breaking the stigma), managing stress, and building resilience, along with over 50 other topics. Personalized therapeutic support is available through one-on-one coaching sessions.

For individual clients, Healing Together provides yoga sessions, mindfulness sessions, and meditation sessions. Personalized support is also available through one-on-one coaching sessions, which offer tailored guidance and strategies to overcome confusion, difficult emotions, low self-worth, and burnout. Shivani helps clients understand the complexities of their lives, recognize the impact on their overall well-being, and guides them towards healing and growth.

Shivani believes that “the only way to the other side of pain, guilt, shame, anger, and grief is through them, not around them.” With her expertise in mindfulness and meditation, she supports individuals in their transformative journeys, offering constant support and guidance.

To learn more about Healing Together and embark on a journey of self-discovery, visit their official website: Healing Together Official Website.

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