Ayodhya Embraces Solar Power

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Grand Solar Initiatives Shaping Ayodhya’s Sustainable Future

In a remarkable turn towards sustainability, the holy city Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh is set to undergo a green transformation with a series of solar initiatives. Spearheaded by the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Department (UPNEDA), these projects are paving the way for a cleaner and greener future for Ayodhya. Dharte takes you on a journey to explore the solar revolution that is reshaping this ancient city.

The centerpiece of Ayodhya’s green initiatives is a 40 MW solar power project, developed by NTPC Green Energy, a subsidiary of NTPC. Set to be fully operational by March 2024, this project is situated on 165 acres of land, demonstrating the scale and ambition of Ayodhya’s commitment to renewable energy.

As part of the Solar City Program, Ayodhya is poised to become Uttar Pradesh’s inaugural Solar City, integrating solar power into various aspects of city life. This initiative includes installing 470 solar streetlights along a 10.2 km stretch, with 200 lights already illuminating the streets. This sustainable transformation not only enhances the city’s aesthetics but also diminishes the carbon footprint, ensuring safety for residents and visitors.

Jakson Green, an esteemed engineering, procurement, and construction company, has been awarded the contract for the 40 MW solar project. Their expertise and commitment to sustainability ensure that Ayodhya’s solar power aspirations are in capable hands. Additionally, renowned company FIMER India has provided the inverters for the project, further solidifying the collaboration of industry leaders in this remarkable endeavor.

Ayodhya’s solar initiatives align with the Union government’s vision to develop 24 towns and cities into solar cities. This commitment not only underscores India’s renewable energy potential but also sets a shining example for other regions. Ayodhya’s transformation serves as an inspiration, emphasizing the significance of sustainable practices for a brighter future.

By embracing solar power, Ayodhya sets the stage for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow. This forward-thinking approach not only reduces the city’s carbon footprint but also unlocks economic opportunities and enhances the quality of life for residents and visitors. Ayodhya’s journey towards solar power represents a significant leap forward in India’s renewable energy landscape, emphasizing the positive impact on the environment.

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