Embrace the Magic of Surya Bhedana Breathing Technique

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Relish Internal Warmth in Cold Weather with This Ancient Pranayama

As we bid adieu to the sweltering summer, winter creeps in, bringing its own set of joys. From snuggling in warm blankets to sipping hot cocoa, it’s a magical time of the year. However, the chilly weather also brings concerns of staying warm. But what if we told you that an ancient breathing technique could keep you warm this winter? Join us as we take you on a journey to discover the mystical Surya Bhedana breathing technique.

Surya Bhedana – A Pranayama for Winter Blues

Winter blues, a common phenomenon due to dwindling temperatures, can be fought back with a simple but powerful breathing exercise – Surya Bhedana. This practice, which involves inhaling through the right nostril, is renowned for its ability to combat the biting cold.

An ideal pranayama for winter, Surya Bhedana also helps clean the nasal passages and relieve cough symptoms. Referred to as the “magical pranayama,” it is believed to raise oxygen levels in the body, providing immediate relief to people who suffer from cold hands and feet.

Originating from ancient yogic practices, Surya Bhedana follows a specific pattern of breathing technique, inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left. This practice activates the sympathetic nervous system, increasing metabolic activity and heat production, which can help keep the body warm in colder temperatures.

Surya Bhedana: Harnessing Solar Energy

According to Ayurveda, the human body consists of three doshas or energies, and each one is associated with a particular nostril. The right nostril, known as the Pingala Nadi, symbolizes solar, masculine, and aggressive energy, while the left nostril, the Ida Nadi, represents lunar, feminine, and receptive attributes.

Surya Bhedana activates the Pingala Nadi, which increases alertness, creates body heat, and enhances vitality. This practice affects the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, which offers direct benefits to the autonomic nervous system, potentially benefiting both the mind and the body.

To practice Surya Bhedana, sit comfortably with relaxed shoulders and a straight back and use the right hand to control the breath path, inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left in a cyclic rhythm to create a balanced energy flow. This practice is typically conducted first thing in the morning, reflecting the symbolism of awakening and activity.

Final Thoughts

Individual responses to pranayama techniques differ, and the felt impact should be evaluated as part of overall well-being. Therefore, it is crucial to practice pranayama deliberately, with awareness of one’s physical condition. People sensitive to temperature changes or with medical issues should seek the advice of a healthcare practitioner or experienced yoga instructor before trying this technique.

Surya Bhedana is an ancient remedial practice with remarkable healing properties. It offers an exciting opportunity to explore the magic of breathing this winter season and savor internal warmth in the chilly weather.

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