Fighting Fit: Empowering India Through Martial Arts and Self-Defense

Fighting Fit

Transforming Lives with Combat Skills, Fitness, and Resilience

In a world that demands strength and resilience, there is a sanctuary that nurtures both the body and the mind. Founded back in 1997, Fighting Fit has become a beacon of hope for individuals seeking empowerment through martial arts and self-defense. This article dives into the story behind Fighting Fit, shedding light on its evolution, training programs, and the positive impact it has made in India.

The Power of Martial Arts: A Holistic Approach

Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit, led by Shihan Hemal and co-founded by Renshi Sanjay Patel, offers a wide range of martial arts programs tailored to different age groups. From Combat Kickboxing and sports MMA for the Young Warriors (5-10 yrs), to Kali, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA for the Peaceful Warriors (14 yrs and above), there is something for everyone. Xtreme Fitness, on the other hand, focuses on Kickboxing, Functional, and Boot Camp for a holistic workout experience.

But what truly sets Fighting Fit apart is its emphasis on holistic wellness. It believes in equipping individuals not only with combat skills but also with the tools to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. The organization realizes the importance of physical fitness in martial arts and incorporates it seamlessly into their training programs. With a 180-degree approach that includes primary weapons, Fighting Fit ensures that its students are prepared for any situation that may come their way.

Promoting Inclusive Training: An Open Door for All

One of the remarkable aspects of Fighting Fit is its commitment to inclusivity. The organization provides training in various martial arts disciplines without any additional charges. This means that individuals can explore different styles and find the one that resonates with them the most.

Led by dedicated instructors, including a certified physiotherapist, Fighting Fit prioritizes safety and creates a supportive environment for all participants. Every session is a step towards empowering individuals, as they learn self-defense mastery, martial skills, and overall fitness.

“I am my own Bodyguard”: Empowering Women in Self-Defense

Apart from its regular programs, Fighting Fit also offers a unique program called “I am my own Bodyguard.” This initiative focuses on empowering women through self-defense training. With the aim of standing up against bullying and promoting a resilient mindset, Fighting Fit guides women on a path to confidence and self-assurance.

From the Founders’ Perspective: A Journey of Passion and Success

Shihan Hemal, the founder of Fighting Fit, recalls his inspiration for establishing the organization in 1997. Growing up, Hemal faced bullies in school and society, and Bruce Lee’s iconic “Enter the Dragon” movie motivated him to pursue martial arts. Despite facing initial resistance from his family, Hemal persisted and began his journey towards self-defense mastery.

Over the years, Fighting Fit has evolved to meet the changing landscape of combat games and martial arts training. From the popularity of Karate in the early days, the introduction of kickboxing and traditional Jiu-Jitsu, to the inclusion of Kali and Krav Maga, Fighting Fit has kept pace with the times. As the world becomes more unpredictable and individuals encounter unseen dangers, tactical combat martial arts have become essential for both physical and mental strength.

Adapting and Differentiating: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Fighting Fit constantly adapts its training programs to accommodate advancements in combat sports and evolving fitness trends. Its dedicated founder, Shihan Hemal, is renowned for introducing fitness kickboxing in India back in 1999. By attending seminars and imparting knowledge to fitness and martial arts instructors, Hemal ensures that Fighting Fit remains at the forefront of fitness innovation.

What sets Fighting Fit apart from other martial arts training centers is its unique coaching techniques and teaching philosophy. Rather than limiting themselves to teaching one martial art in a traditional manner, Fighting Fit adopts a non-traditional approach. They fuse fitness and martial arts, providing a comprehensive training experience. By emphasizing being “fit” and “fighting fit,” they empower individuals to protect themselves, both on the streets and in their daily lives.

Overcoming Challenges, Building Partnerships

Running any organization comes with its challenges, and Fighting Fit is no exception. However, through perseverance and determination, Shihan Hemal has triumphed time and again. One significant challenge he faced was finding quality instructors. To overcome this hurdle, Hemal established an instructor training program that aims to develop skilled professionals. Today, this program is even registered under Skill India, a testament to its success.

Fighting Fit’s partnership with Spolto has also proved beneficial. The cooperation between the two companies has allowed Fighting Fit to maintain its unique identity while delivering outstanding results. The partnership showcases the power of trust and collaboration and has positively impacted the students of Fighting Fit.

The Journey Begins: Advice for Aspiring Martial Artists

For those embarking on their journey in martial arts or combat games, Shihan Hemal offers valuable advice. He suggests training with a single master, embracing one system and philosophy in the early years. Taking the time to find the right master and training partners fosters personal growth and development. And most importantly, Hemal reminds aspiring martial artists to remain students, even after receiving their teaching licenses. The journey towards mastery is one that never truly ends.

In conclusion, Fighting Fit stands as a shining example of how martial arts can transform lives. Combining combat skills, fitness, and resilience, this organization has empowered countless individuals throughout its successful journey. By equipping people with the tools to protect themselves and fostering a sense of self-belief, Fighting Fit paves the way for a safer and stronger India.

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