Revolutionizing Home Wellness: Herby by Auro Innovations

In the tranquil town of Pondicherry lies an extraordinary tale of love, tradition, and a profound commitment to wellness. Herby by Auro Innovations stands at the forefront of a journey towards chemical-free living, providing a beacon of hope in today’s fast-paced world. Proudly FDA and FSSAI certified, Herby exemplifies quality and trust, ensuring their products meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.

The path to Herby’s inception can be traced back to the year 2017, when Mr. Sharad Parekh, fueled by his grandson’s well-being, set out to revolutionize home wellness. A fervent believer in the healing powers of Ayurveda, Mr. Parekh envisioned a world where non-toxic technology seamlessly wove itself with ancient Indian wisdom, leading to the birth of Herby.

Powered by the fervor of the Parekh brothers, Vikram and Karn Parekh, Herby was born out of the aspiration to create chemical-free sanctuaries – a stark departure from the prevalent trade of quick yet harmful solutions. Their core belief resonates in the immense potential of Indian traditional formulas, known for yielding long-term benefits without side effects. Herby’s unwavering resolve is rooted in stringent research and the continuous quest to produce expedient, enduring, and non-invasive products.

The metamorphosis from a grandfather’s love to a game-changing brand is a tale of sheer dedication. Mr. Parekh’s observation of infants and toddlers navigating perilous nooks teeming with insects prompted his relentless pursuit of a solution. His return to the timeless verses of Ayurveda and a profound understanding of its quintessence culminated in the creation of the Mosquito Repellent – a product devoid of solvents, toxic gases, and chemicals, yet remarkably effective. This trailblazing concoction, deemed safe for children and pets, emerged from the humble domains of a kitchen, encapsulating the essence of ancient herbal wisdom.


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As Herby forged its path, a remarkable revelation surfaced – the tantalizing aroma emanating from the repellent captured the attention of Mr. Parekh’s friend, unraveling the true potential of Herby. It was this defining moment that breathed life into the vision of Herby – Innovation with Herbs, transitioning from a labor of love to a pioneering venture.


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Herby revolutionizes simple living with its commitment to holistic and eco-friendly solutions. Their products, including the Mosquito Repellent, operate without electricity, ensuring consistent quality through a green, automated manufacturing process. Other repellents for cockroaches, ants, and lizards protect homes without introducing harmful pest smogs. Herby’s cosmetic gels for the face, body, and feet offer highly effective, lasting results, while the pain oil, with its natural and quick-absorbing formula, soothes stressed muscles and alleviates pain. Dedicated to chemical-free living, Herby creates products that prioritize the well-being of its users.


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Herby by Auro Innovations is not just a brand; it’s a revolution championing the cause of chemical-free homes. Their unswerving dedication to simplifying living through traditional wisdom and contemporary innovation signifies a profound shift towards conscious wellness.

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