Embracing the Yogic Fusion: Krishna Khunti’s Path to Healing and Wellness as a Yoga Scholar

Yogi DJ Krishna

Discover the Inspiring Story of Krishna Khunti, the Yogi DJ Spreading Healing and Wellness Worldwide

Krishna Khunti, a captivating blend of East and West, embodies a deep passion for promoting wellbeing and authentic yogic teachings that are accessible, diverse, and inclusive for all. With roots in both India and Uganda, Krishna’s diverse heritage has shaped her unique perspective on healing and wellness.

Completed her Masters degree in the Traditions of Yoga from the prestigious University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Krishna has garnered significant credibility in the field.

As the former President of the Yoga Society and a representative member of the esteemed Centre for Yoga Studies, her expertise and knowledge are highly regarded.

Renowned as a ‘Yogi DJ’ and ‘Urban Yogi,’ Krishna’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From captivating TEDx audiences with her thoughtful speeches to presenting and producing Emirates airlines’ first Indian music show and hosting award-winning podcasts, Krishna has become a beacon of inspiration.

Her sacred sounds DJ sets have reverberated with audiences worldwide, garnering her frequent features on esteemed platforms such as the BBC Asian Network (UK), Mixcloud (Global), and Female Future Sounds (Sweden). Notably, she has also supported underground radio, including Boxout FM in India. She curates and DJ’s monthly ‘Conscious parties’ at Soho House in India, uniting the power of music and wellness.

Krishna extends her wisdom through enriching yogic workshops, leveraging her role as a qualified Yoga teacher and corporate facilitator. Her unique ability to harmoniously merge wellness and music has propelled her to teach, share, speak, and DJ at prestigious retreats, events, and festivals worldwide, from Turkey to Tulum and beyond.

Continuing to elevate, educate, and illuminate through her profound being, Krishna Khunti embodies the spirit of a wellness warrior. Her passion for healing and wellness is evident in every aspect of her journey, inspiring individuals across the globe.

References and Source Credits : urbanyogikrishna

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