Sheer MADness Food Solutions: A Journey towards Pure Nutrition

Chef Ashutosh Awasthi, the Executive Chef and Founder of Sheer MADness Food Solution

In the bustling world of culinary arts, Chef Ashutosh Awasthi stands out as an extraordinary individual. Not only is he an exceptional executive chef, but also an ardent marathon runner and the visionary behind Sheer MADness Food Solution. With a mission to champion healthy living through natural and chemical-free nutrition, Chef Ashutosh embodies the perfect blend of culinary expertise and wellness advocacy. As the author of “Great Health Comes from Exercise Nutrition”, he brings a unique perspective to the table, combining his passion for cooking with a deep understanding of the vital role nutrition plays in overall well-being.

                                                               Chef Ashutosh Awasthi’s Guide to Optimal Health

Chef Ashutosh’s journey in health and nutrition began back in 2007 when he worked as a “Diet Chef on P and O cruises.” His role involved preparing specialized meals for thousands of guests who required special dietary considerations. This experience sparked his passion for exploring the intersection of food and health.

Driven by his curiosity, Chef Ashutosh continued his culinary career and joined “The Park” at Kolkata. Here, he delved deep into research on superfoods and ingredients like nuts, seeds, and activated charcoal. His goal was to discover the health benefits these ingredients could offer and how they could be incorporated into delicious and wholesome dishes.

"Chef Ashutosh Awasthi: Embrace Fitness and Thrive at 45 and Beyond"

                Chef Ashutosh Awasthi: Embrace Fitness and Thrive at 45 and Beyond

In 2014, Chef Ashutosh embarked on his personal fitness journey by taking up running. As he pushed his limits, he experienced fatigue and sore muscles after his practice runs. Seeking a natural solution, he began consuming a century-old granny’s recipe. The recipe consisted of a mixture of turmeric and almond powder with milk, and he soon discovered its amazing rejuvenating effects. Wanting even better results, he added roasted flaxseed powder to the mix, which further enhanced his post-run recovery. This personal experience cemented his belief in the power of natural ingredients.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 was a turning point for Chef Ashutosh. He observed that sedentary lifestyles had a severe impact on people’s health and well-being. Motivated by a strong desire to make a difference, he launched his own brand, Sheer MADness, in 2021. The brand’s motto, “The Junoon to stay fit,” embodies Chef Ashutosh’s commitment to promoting holistic wellness through pure and natural nutrition.

Sheer MADness specializes in creating and selling “Patented Natural Plant Protein” and health drinks premix made from almonds, turmeric, and flaxseed. These products are meticulously crafted to be completely free of chemicals, ensuring that customers receive only the highest quality and most authentic nutrition. Recently, Sheer MADness also introduced energy bars that are sweetened naturally using ingredients like jaggery, dates, raisins, and honey, guaranteeing a wholesome and chemical-free snacking option.

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Chef Ashutosh identifies a prevalent issue in the market where many health products claim to be beneficial but contain questionable ingredients. He firmly believes in transparency and authenticity, adopting a “say cheers to natural and no to chemicals” philosophy. Sheer MADness is committed to being accountable for what they offer, ensuring that their products are truly “Created by Nature, Assembled by Us.”


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Beyond their product offerings, Sheer MADness promotes the importance of regular exercise and consuming balanced meals rich in protein. The brand encourages individuals to start small but strive to improve by 1% each day. By embracing a healthier lifestyle and incorporating natural nutrition, individuals can achieve their wellness goals.

Chef Ashutosh’s journey underscores the importance of embracing natural, chemical-free nutrition. Through Sheer MADness Food Solution, he continues to lead the charge towards a healthier lifestyle. With each product and philosophy reflecting his commitment to transparency and authenticity, Sheer MADness stands as a beacon of wellness in a crowded market. As we move forward, Chef Ashutosh’s vision reminds us that true vitality comes from nourishing our bodies with the goodness of nature.

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