Tripti Raikwar: Guiding Light for Spiritual Growth and Healing

Embarking on a journey of holistic healing and spiritual growth often requires a guiding hand, a beacon of wisdom and compassion to illuminate the path ahead. In the realm of such profound transformation, Tripti Raikwar emerges as a prominent figure, heralding a new era of holistic wellness. As an accomplished Creative Spiritual Catalyst, Grief Coach, and Art Healer, Tripti brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the forefront of this evolving landscape. With her expertise and unwavering commitment to healing, she stands ready to empower individuals on their quest for inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

A Multifaceted Healing Journey

Tripti’s upbringing in a family with a Shaman mother and an engineer-turned-energy-healer father has laid a rich foundation for her spiritual journey. Drawing upon her diverse background, Tripti possesses a profound passion for facilitating healing and understands the importance of emotional wellness.

A Beacon of Expertise

Tripti’s 11 years of experience in the field have equipped her with a diverse range of expertise and certifications, making her a valuable resource for those in need of support and guidance. Her extensive knowledge in Alternative Education further enhances her ability to connect with her clients on a deeper level.

Transformative Spiritual Journeys

As a Creative Spiritual Catalyst, Tripti guides individuals on transformative spiritual journeys, addressing grief, loss, trauma, and life transitions. Utilizing modalities such as Intuitive Watercolour Paintings and Sacred Geometry, she nourishes the soul and fosters self-discovery and personal transformation.

Holistic Healing Approach

Tripti’s holistic healing approach encompasses various techniques. In Emotional Wellness Coaching, she helps clients overcome emotional blocks using techniques like EFT Tapping and Multidimensional Lineage/Ancestral Healing. As a certified Master Grief Educator, she specializes in supporting individuals through grief and loss. Tripti also integrates art techniques into coaching through her Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification.

Support on Spiritual Journeys

With certifications as a Spiritual Life Coach and a Diploma of Professional Study in Parallel Quantum Lives, Tripti leads transformative journeys beyond time constraints. She also holds certificates in Numerology, Angel Therapy, Chakra Healing, and Trauma-informed Expressive Art Therapy, further enriching her holistic healing approach.

Expanding the Boundaries of Healing

Tripti’s ability to delve into Biography work and access Akashic Records sets her apart. As a Spiritual Inner-Life Curator, she guides healing through past wounds, inner child and womb healing, and trauma resolution. Leveraging her teaching background, Tripti mentors clients to open their hearts and align body and mind. She integrates Somatic Experience, Art, and Tantra for holistic energy management.

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A Mentor and Speaker

Tripti’s expertise extends beyond her practice. As a seasoned public speaker, she shares insights on Healing Arts, mental health, spirituality, and practical living. Her presentations include topics like humor’s role in modern life and the significance of inner work. Tripti has conducted Healing Arts Programs, virtual workshops on Inner Child and Womb Healing, and transformative retreats like Therapeutic Walk for Shakti.

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Making an Impact

Tripti’s dedication to healing has earned her recognition and an influential presence. She has been featured on Air Rainbow 107.1 FM and has presented at international summits. Tripti has facilitated workshops for mental health, pediatric cancer care, and orphanages, impacting diverse communities. With over 360 workshops globally and extensive experience in Waldorf education, Tripti excels in teacher training and curriculum development.

A Guiding Light for Soul Growth and Healing

Tripti Raikwar’s journey is truly inspiring. With her skills as a Creative Spiritual Catalyst and Art Healer, her expertise in intuition and emotional wellness coaching, and her diverse experiences in education, spiritual practices, and public speaking, Tripti serves as a guiding light for individuals seeking soul growth and healing.

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